Accountant is a key adviser for business owners

The Community Loan Fund’s Business Finance team believes that every business owner should have a panel of advisers. These advisers – some unpaid and some paid, with the latter group including an accountant, attorney, and insurance agent – will help the business succeed.

It can be difficult to find an accountant who is willing and interested in working with small businesses on their financial information, providing business financial planning, and preparing their annual tax return.

To help, we've developed a list of New Hampshire accountants and firms willing to work with sole proprietors and small-business owners.

The firms and individuals listed below were interested in working with the Community Loan Fund and able to take on new clients at the time of the interview. Firms or individual CPAs who did not return telephone calls are not included on this list. A number of firms and individuals, while interested in sole proprietors and small businesses, were not able to take on additional clients at this time.

We will update this list from time to time. If you are a CPA and would like to be added to this list, of if you would like to recommend a CPA or firm that you have worked with, please email your information to us.

Town Name Firm  Phone
Amherst Shari Moskowitz, CPA Qualified Accounting Service  673-7669
Bow Robert A Dawkins, CPA Robert A. Dawkins, CPA  224-3991
Chester James H. Traynor, CPA James H. Traynor, CPA  887-2978
Concord Sol Asmar Triumph Business Advisors, LLC  724-5177
Concord Olga Briggs, CPA Lifetime Tax & Accounting, PLLC  230-2404
Concord Steven M. Drouin, CPA Drouin Associates, LLC  225-9400
Concord Robert P. Malmborg, CPA Burnham & Malmborg, PA  225-7600
Concord Linda Snow, CPA Snow Consulting and Tax, PLLC  226-4187
Concord Leslie Walker, CPA Mason & Rich, PA  224-2000
Derry Gail R. Gaugert, CPA Gail R. Gaugert, CPA  425-2212
Dover Paula DePlanche, CPA Leone, McDonnell & Roberts, PA  749-2700
Dover Lawrence R. Raiche, CPA Raiche & Company, CPAs, PA  742-8894
Exeter Anne M. Nee, CPA AMN & Associates  778-7610
Gonic Linda E. Seavey, CPA Accounting Plus Taxes, LLP  332-2777
Greenland Raymond Hart, CPA Raymond Hart, CPA  431-4908
Hampton Raymond Jeffs, CPA Raymond Jeffs, CPA  758-1040
Hampton Michael P. Lussier, CPA Michael P. Lussier, CPA  967-4360
Hancock Lois Haskins Talking Numbers  525-3433
Hooksett Bob Read, CPA Read & Associates, CPAs, PLLC  935-9260
Keene Thomas S. Bates, CPA Thomas S. Bates, CPA, PC  357-5756
Keene David Beal, CPA David Beal, CPA  358-6300
Keene Ann Connor Advicoach  239-3693
Keene Pamela Doyle Solutions For Today  209-3035
Keene Rachel Elkins, CPA Rachel Elkins, CPA  352-0022
Keene Belinda S. Oster, CPA Lehman, Wilkinson & Oster, PC  352-4500
Kingston Catherine E. Caron, CPA Caron & Bletzer, PLLC  642-4862
Laconia Rose L. Archambault    527-7997
Lancaster Donald L. Crane, CPA Crane & Bell, PLLC  788-4928
Lancaster Tawnya Finkel, CPA    788-0977
Lebanon Suzanna Liepmann, CPA Schiffman, Dattilio & Liepmann  448-6655
Lincoln Ronda Kilanowski, CPA Malone, Dirubbo & Company  745-3121
Littleton Gregg Christopher, CPA McMahon & Christopher  444-1675
Littleton Gina D’Orazio D’Orazio Bookkeeping  616-1601
Littleton Jennifer Jones, CPA Driscoll & Company, PLLC  444-6733
Manchester Carmel Duval, CPA Carmel Duval, CPA, PLLC  497-2313
Manchester Marie McKay, CPA Bigelow and Company  627-7659
Manchester Michelle C. Wood, CPA Dugdale, Livolsi & Wood, PC  669-3454
Meredith John D. Carrigg, CPA John D. Carrigg, CPA  279-1090
Merrimack Robin L. Boivin, CPA Boivin & Associates, CPAs, PLLC  424-0705
Merrimack Laurie E. Williams, CPA Laurie E. Williams, CPA  880-8180
Nashua Richard H. Belander, CPA Richard H. Belanger, CPA, PC  889-7070
Nashua Patty Brault Accurately Accounted 4, Inc.  883-1309
Nashua Fredrick J. Kline, CPA Kline & Company, CPA, PC  881-8185
Nashua Jay Maiona Maiona Law, PLLC  769-3924
Nashua David E. Tully, CPA David E. Tully & Associates  886-8885
New London Patricia Ettenborough Ettenborough Essential Solutions  731-7783
North Conway Rhonda Rosand, CPA Rosand New Business Directions  356-2914
North Conway Tom Roberts, CPA Leone, McDonnell & Roberts  356-6358
Pelham Donovan Billings, CPA DTB Tax  635-9308
Plymouth Diane B. Rohde, CPA Diane B. Rohde, CPA  536-1557
Rochester Ronald D. Smith Ronald Smith Consulting  254-3469
Rye William C. Child, CPA    379-8138
Stratham Joe Quinn, CPA Leone, McDonnell & Roberts  772-9341
Swanzey Lynn C. Rust, CPA Lynn C. Rust, CPA, PC  358-6565
Wolfeboro F.M. Blodget, CPA F.M. Blodget, CPA  569-8600
Wolfeboro John Daigneault, CPA Leone, McDonnell & Roberts  569-1953
Wolfeboro William J. Krause, CPA William J. Krause, CPA, PC  569-4222