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Community partners

IDA Program forms and management resources for our community partners.

List of community partners

Affordable Housing Education and Development (AHEAD)

The Front Door Agency

Manchester Community College

NeighborWorks Southern New Hampshire 

New Hampshire Catholic Charities

New Hampshire Housing

New Hampshire Technical Institute

Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success

Rockingham Community Action


Forms and training information for participants in the IDA program.

General IDA info

Asset-building and -preservation

The Aspen Institute Initiative on Financial Security
Information on programs and policy initiatives that help Americans save, invest and own.
Information for practitioners that provide asset development services, including financial education.

Asset Coalition Toolkit for States
Tools for asset-building coalitions.

Washington University in St. Louis Center for Social Development
Research and other information on asset-building strategies.
Information on wealth-building strategies for individuals and communities.

Corporation for Enterprise Development
Information on programs and policies intended to build wealth for low-income families and communities.

Brandeis University Institute on Assets and Social Policy
Research and other resources on asset-building.

New America Foundation Asset Building Program
Research and education promoting asset building.


Asset-Building Comes of Age
Shelterforce, National Housing Institute, Spring 2007
Article on asset-building strategies.

Asset Building Policy Coalitions in the United States
Washington University in St. Louis Center for Social Development, 2008
Study of the accomplishments and impact of coalitions that promote asset-building policies and programs, as well as recommendations for increasing effectiveness.

The Assets Agenda: Policy Options to Promote Savings and Asset Ownership by Low- and Moderate-Income Americans
New America Foundation, September 2008
Outline of a public policy agenda to promote asset-building for those who have limited financial resources.

Individual Development Accounts

Assets for Independence
IDA program management resources and research on AFI-funded IDA activities.

Washington University in St. Louis Center for Social Development
Research and information one the effective implementation of IDA programs.

Corporation for Enterprise Development
Resources for IDA program participants and practitioners, including a listserv for IDA service providers and other stakeholders.


Weathering the Storm: Have IDAs Helped Low-Income Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure?
CFED, April 2010
A study (in which New Hampshire’s IDA program participated), whose findings suggest that IDA participants obtain better mortgage terms and are less likely to have their homes foreclosed upon whan other low-income homeowners. program can improve homeownership outcomes for lower-income households.

Learning to Save, Saving to Learn
Social Research and Demonstration Corp., March 2009
Report on the intermediate impacts of a Canadian IDA program.

Assets for Independence Act Impact Evaluation
U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, February 2008
Study of the impact of IDA programs supported with Assets for Independence (AFI) Program funds.

IDAs, Saving Taste and Household Wealth
Washington University in St. Louis Center for Social Development, 2009
Study examining the effect of IDAs on household wealth.

Do Financial Education Programs Work?
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, April 2008
Report exploring links between financial education and financial behavior and containing suggestions on how to improve the impact of financial education programs.

Weighing the Effects of Financial Education in the Workplace
Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, October 2009
Report found that financial education offered in the workplace improved personal financial and work outcomes.

Income-tax programs

Free income-tax preparation

Free tax-preparation sites in New Hampshire

Internal Revenue Service's free income-tax-preparation program

General free tax preparation/EITC information
Information on increasing access to income tax-assistance programs.

Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)

The Brookings Institute's Earned Income Tax Credit Series
Reports, commentary and data resources on the EITC.

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Earned Income Tax Credit site
Information and tools to promote EITC and free-tax-preparation activitities.

Earned Income Tax Credits: Lessons Learned
Annie E. Casey Foundation
Lessons learned from existing EITC activities and insight on how to increase reach, as well as asset-building success.

Internal Revenue Service's EITC Page
Information and resources from the IRS.

Money Talks!
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities’ national tax credit outreach campaign site
Resources and information to help service providers develop a vibrant income-tax-credit outreach campaign.

Children’s savings

Corporation for Enterprise Development's Asset Building for Children
Information on Children’s Development Accounts, including the Saving for Education, Entrepreneurship and Downpayment initiative, which includes incentives for creating long-term asset-building accounts for children.


The Big Lift: Federal Policy Efforts to Create Child Development Accounts
Washington University in St. Louis Center for Social Development, 2009

The Case for National Children’s Savings Accounts
The Urban Institute, Winter 2010

Financial services and products

Center for Financial Services Innovation
Information and resources on improving the quantity and quality of financial services and products that meet the needs of underbanked customers.


Insurance and Asset-Building for the Underbanked: A Convening Summary
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, the Center for Financial Services Innovation and the Annie E. Casey Foundation, 2008
Summary of a meeting at which national non-profit and industry leaders discussed insurance and asset-building for the "underbanked."

New Hampshire IDA funding partners

U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services' Assets for Independence (AFI) Program

N.H. Community Development Finance Authority 

N.H. Housing Finance Authority

Questions are always welcome. If the information you need is not on our Web site, please contact the Community Loan Fund’s IDA staff.