Co-op ownership puts residents in charge of their communities

Aberdeen West Cooperative President Fran Masi receives her gavel

ROC-NH logoWhether you and other residents are just starting to think about trying to buy your manufactured-home (sometimes called mobile home) park, or whether yours has been a resident-owned community for 20 years, ROC-NH™ exists to support you. Our services include:

  • Presenting the options available to residents when a park is for sale
  • Guiding homeowners through the process of deciding whether to form a co-op, create a board of directors and committees, seek a loan, and buy the park
  • Loaning funds, and/or working with the co-op to get other loans and/or grants for predevelopment work, deposit financing and purchase
  • Conducting “Boot Camps” for boards of new resident-owned communities
  • Providing, as needed, ongoing planning and technical assistance and loans for facility repairs or improvements
  • Building strong co-op boards and engaged members through a biennial conference, leadership training, management guide and The Cooperator online newsletter, as well as consulting services
  • Working with other lenders and government agencies to increase the resources available to resident-owned manufactured-home communities

Cooperative ownership of manufactured-home parks puts residents in charge. As a democratic body:

  • You decide when, why and by how much rents will rise.
  • You decide whether and when the park will close, or expand.
  • You decide when and how to improve streets and water, sewer and electrical systems.
  • You create and enforce the co-op’s rules.

Starting with the Meredith Center Cooperative in 1984, residents have purchased and managed 113 manufactured-home (sometimes called mobile home) communities in New Hampshire (see map). These co-ops provide affordable housing to nearly 6,400 families. No co-op has failed, or reverted to private ownership.

ROC-NH™ is a program of the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund, Inc. and a ROC USA® Certified Technical Assistance Provider. ROC-NH is a registered service mark of ROC USA, LLC.