Real impact, close to home

Our Business Finance team supports small businesses

The Community Loan Fund is successful when our borrowers are successful. And they’ve been successful often enough to earn us the highest possible rating for our impact, and the NEXT Award for Opportunity Finance, the highest award in the field, for our innovation.

"This is local talent that is global talent," says George McCarthy of the Ford Foundation.

During our first 30 years, the Community Loan Fund created or preserved …

  • 7,094 affordable homes
  • 4,013 child care or school slots
  • 2,581 jobs

… by lending more than $175 million and attracting an additional $350 million to these projects.

Hundreds of people, foundations, religious organizations, businesses, banks and governmental partners have worked with us to create that impact.

Do you want to create opportunity and transform lives, right here in New Hampshire?

Donate to the Community Loan Fund

Your tax-deductible contributions help us in two ways. They pay for the “people power” – the financial education and the technical expertise – that stokes our borrowers’ successes. And they deepen the pool of money that we make available to borrowers.

Invest in the Community Loan Fund

Most of the dollars we make available to the community are invested in the Community Loan Fund by caring people and institutions that want to put their money to work in New Hampshire. We pay fixed-rate interest of up to 5% on these investments, based on the investment’s term (number of years) and the investor’s preference. In 28 years, through recessions and bullish economies, we have never failed to repay an investor.

Please note: The program described above does not constitute an offer to sell, or a solicitation of offers to purchase, debt securities in those states where the registration of such debt securities is required by state securities law. Please contact us for more information.

Get involved in our policy work

Sometimes, loans and education aren’t enough to level the economic playing field. You can help us advocate for laws, policies and practices that give a fair shake to people with low incomes.