High-impact investment, at home

Abigail Easterly and Scott Silberfeld invest in the Community Loan Fund

Investing at the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund is simple. It’s secure. It’s local. It has a huge impact in our communities. And it feels great.

That’s because when you invest here, you’re helping hard-working New Hampshire people grasp opportunity and become more financially secure.

Your investment will:

  • create and preserve decent and affordable housing for families with low incomes
  • help our state’s smallest businesses survive and thrive
  • create and preserve good jobs
  • build a supply of quality, affordable child care and early education.

Associated risks include:

  • Investments in the Community Loan Fund are unsecured.
  • Investments in the Community Loan Fund are not insured by the FDIC, nor by any governmental or private entity.
  • While the Community Loan Fund has not lost any lender's funds, past performance is no guarantee of future performance.
  • Investments in the Community Loan Fund cannot be redeemed before their due date and there is no known market to sell or trade them before maturity.

Interest paid is reported to the IRS and will be taxed by state and federal governments.

People and institutions invest in the Community Loan Fund for a fixed set of years and at a fixed rate of return (as much as 5%, depending on the length of the loan). This is established at the time you make your loan and doesn’t change until your loan matures.


Every year, on the anniversary of your loan, you will receive interest in the form of a check, as a direct deposit into your bank account, or accrued into your loan here. A couple of months before the loan matures, we’ll ask whether you want to renew it, and at what terms, or whether you’d like it repaid.


But the best reason to loan your money to the Community Loan Fund is the impact you will have – right here in New Hampshire. Even as you earn a modest return, you will be helping to provide opportunity and transform lives.

And that’s a pretty rewarding feeling.

Learn more about investing. Please email or call Ken Kunhardt at 224-6669, ext. 716 for more information.

An investment in the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund does not constitute an offer to sell, or a solicitation of offers to purchase, debt securities in those states where the registration of such debt securities is required by state securities law. Please contact us for more information.

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