low income

IDA savings put a home within reach

Nicole Boyle was ready to buy a house. For eight years she had shared a two-bedroom apartment with her three children: Mackenna (14), Briannan (12) and Brent (10). It was time for fast-growing Brent to move into his own room.

Nicole worked full-time at a nonprofit organization, The Youth Council, and knew how to budget and organize effectively. She had recently paid off some credit card debt, but the routine expenses of a household of four made saving enough for a down payment difficult.

Sacrifice pays off for young couple

You could say it was the weather that drove Brandy and Todd Moren out of their Colebrook apartment.

The upstairs shower rained into the living room of the windowless basement apartment. Snow blew in under the door. It was an intolerable home for young parents with a baby.

Board and committees

Questions about our governance structure? Please write or call us at (603) 224-6669.

Board of Directors

Janet Ackerman, Vice Treasurer
Vice President, Commercial Lending, Relationship Manager
Eastern Bank

Peter Brankman, Treasurer
Retired CPA

Don Brueggemann
The Works



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IDA management resources

General IDA program management

Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED)
Tips, advice and tools for building an effective IDA program, including a listserv for IDA service providers and other stakeholders.

Manage or support IDAs

Are you a community organization that provides services and assistance to New Hampshire Individual Development Account (IDA) participants?

Are you interested in finding out how to connect people with modest means to IDAs and other financial opportunities?

IDA savings can put a home within reach

Brandy and Todd Moren hold their son, Vincent

Do you want to own a home, but need money for the down payment and closing costs?

An Individual Development Account (IDA) can help.

By matching every dollar you save (up to $500) toward your home with an additional $8, New Hampshire IDA puts your dream of homeownership within reach.

You can use your IDA savings, plus the match money you earn, to buy or develop a single-family home, condominium, home in a co-op, or pre-fabricated home (including manufactured housing).

IDA opens the door to an education

Mary Callahan used IDA savings to get a college degree

Do you dream of going to college, completing professional training or learning a trade?

An Individual Development Account (IDA) can help.

By matching every dollar you save toward your education (up to $500) with an additional $8, the New Hampshire IDA Program puts your dream within reach.

You can use your IDA savings, plus the match money you earn, to pay for tuition and fees at an approved school or program.

You do not have to be enrolled in a degree or certificate program to be eligible.

An education IDA can help you: