Vietnam veteran warm and comfortable in new home

Larry and Brenda Woods' old manufactured home was falling down around them--literally. A Welcome Home Loan put them in a brand-new energy-efficient home where the weather stays outside and heat stays inside.

Forward thinking serves residents well

While the price of housing in its area climbed, Mascoma Meadows Cooperative hadn't increased its rent for five years. Saving, prioritizing, helping their neighbors, and keeping the community full have served the residents well.

Medvil Co-op "taps the talent"

Medvil Cooperative overcame a difficult conversion to resident-ownership by "tapping the talent"--discovering residents' skills and talents to get them involved in community life.

Co-op residents worked together to remake their community

The name of the mobile home park in the shadow of the White Mountains was Scenic View, but the view within the park was anything but. That was before a residents cooperative bought it and turned things around. Now it's a place where people want to live.

After a long struggle, signs of rebirth

In 2003, Pine River Mobile Home Park in Ossipee was ordered closed by the state and put up for sale. Its 35 families had nowhere to go. Flexible loans from the NH Community Loan Fund, and a boost from the town police chief, helped them save their homes and start rebuilding their community

The next 100

New Hampshire celebrated its 100th resident-owned manufactured-home community in 2012. We asked residents to predict what the next 100 might bring. Their answers: a national network, buying and political power, conventional mortgage loans, and preferred vendor lists.

A national movement born in New Hampshire

Members of New Hampshire’s manufactured-housing cooperatives lead a national movement. The ripples that begin with ideas and solutions created in resident-owned communities (ROCs) here are spread across the country by ROC USA.

Resident advocacy led to reform of state laws

Residents have successfully pushed for fairer treatment under state law of manufactured-homes and resident-owned communities, and for real mortgages for manufactured homes.

Three co-ops pay it forward

Three of New Hampshire’s resident-owned communities found a way to pass their opportunities down to the next generation of co-ops, while at the same time growing their reserve accounts.

The new old neighborhood

Denise Stone and her family downsized, then re-created an old-time neighborhood feeling in her resident-owned community in Barrington, NH. They're not the only ones. Resident-owned communities have become a way to recreate neighborhood camaraderie.