Loans and technical assistance for nonprofit housing developers

Mim and Andy Hampton

Our Community Housing program provides an array of financing options and technical support for nonprofit housing developers.

The New Hampshire Community Loan Fund’s capital is available at the earliest stages of a project, when it is most often needed. Our loans are flexible and responsive to the challenges and complexity of developing affordable housing. Our loans can be patient, because we understand that these projects don’t always go as planned. Most importantly, our loans tolerate a level of risk that is unacceptable to banks and public agencies.

Financing options

We offer several types of financing for nonprofit housing developers:

  • pre-development loans,
  • acquisition loans, and
  • loans to fill gaps at critical junctures

In most cases, our loans are short-term, designed to bridge to construction or permanent financing. A longer loan term may be available if there is no other source of financing and if the project’s cash flows support it

Technical support

To help potential borrowers make the strongest possible loan request, we typically work closely with their staff, their development consultant and with other financing sources for the project. When needed, we help borrowers strengthen their own development skills or identify a partner for their project.

In addition to loan-specific technical assistance, we work closely with New Hampshire’s nonprofit developers to help them achieve and maintain a high level of productivity and strong, stable organizations.

Contact us to learn more about Community Housing financing and support.

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