Dachowski Photography

Dachowski Photography is located in Bedford, but is a household name across New Hampshire. Run by Jeff and Carolle Dachowski, the company’s award-winning portrait photography is sought after by newlyweds, high school graduates, and more.

When the Dachowskis needed a larger studio, they partnered with their local credit union and built a beautiful and inviting new location. However, unexpected cost overruns consumed all of their working capital, and they needed a small amount of short-term financing.

The obstacle

The credit union was a wonderful partner, but had already loaned all it could to the business, given the available collateral.

Why the Community Loan Fund made the loan

The business had strong cash flow and an excellent management team. The credit union lender spoke strongly of their belief that the company would continue to succeed. The Dachowskis showed how they would increase revenues and profits during the loan’s relatively short term.

The result

Dachowski Photography continues to provide excellent service to the area, and the new studio is in full swing. The owners are sought-after speakers at photography conventions around the world, and with sufficient working capital, the company’s future has never looked brighter.


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