Life is Sweet

Life is Sweet became known by selling hard-to-find candies and gourmet cupcakes to hungry shoppers on Main Street in Keene, N.H. Owner Tracy Keating then began delivering cupcakes.

When she decided to add a make-your-own sundae bar, she started looking for a small loan to finance the expansion.

The obstacle

Although the business was successful, it was only 3 years old. As a result, Life is Sweet didn’t have enough credit history to obtain traditional bank financing.

Why the Community Loan Fund made the loan

It was clear that Tracy was an exceptionally talented businesswoman. In learning the details of how her business operated, we made a small loan based on her short, but successful, history.

The result

The sundae bar was an enormous success. Life is Sweet continued to grow to where Tracy needed more retail space. Now, with a more-visible presence in the heart of downtown Keene, Life is Sweet is doing better than ever, and Tracy paid her loan off early.


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