Tuckerman Brewing Co.

Excellent craft beer has been Tuckerman Brewing Company’s passion since the company was launched in 1998. Fifteen years later, with an ever-growing following buying every drop of beer they could make, Tuckerman’s owners realized they needed more brewing equipment.

A worker at Tuckerman BrewingThe obstacle

As do most breweries do, Tuckerman’s had some growing pains during its early years. Lenders were hesitant to use Tuckerman’s brewing equipment as collateral, and because Tuckerman’s ales sold so quickly, it had almost no inventory to borrow against.

Why the Community Loan Fund made the loan

Tuckerman owners Kirsten Neves and Nik Stanciu had already proven their resiliency by surviving for 15 years while many other microbreweries failed. A deeper look at their equipment showed that there was more-than-adequate collateral. And their key accounts made clear that demand for their ales was strong and that customers would buy whatever they could brew.

The result

Since the Community Loan Fund’s loan in 2010, Tuckerman Brewing Company has added equipment and employees in each successive season. In 2014, the company purchased a facility that tripled its brewing capacity and provided a gathering place for craft beer enthusiasts from all over New England.


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