CEO peer groups offer training and support

A CEO peer group visits Grappone Auto in Concord, N.H.

Are you interested in a trusted peer-learning environment for CEOs?

CEO PeerLink™ brings together CEOs committed to learning from one another and developing creative and practical solutions to business problems. The group is a useful sounding board that expands your thinking, and helps you grow your business.

We are targeting new member CEOs whose businesses feature:

  • Strong growth potential
  • Growth strategy based on a long-term commitment to people and quality
  • 20 or more employees
  • Development of systems to support continued growth

The groups

Each CEO PeerLink™ group consists of eight to 12 CEOs from diverse businesses. Groups meet from September to June, when participants can recommit to the group for another cycle. Direct competitors are not invited to the same group.

The meetings

Meetings are held in the evenings and usually last three hours. Members take turns hosting meetings, which include a meal and an in-depth company update. Meetings generally focus on problems or challenges raised by members and/or on longer-term development issues relevant to the group. Meetings are facilitated to balance discussion and help members accomplish their goals.

Member responsibilities

Participants much commit to:

  • Strict confidentiality of all discussion
  • Attendance at monthly meetings. More than two unexcused absences in a year will result in a loss of membership
  • Authentic sharing of ideas, triumphs and failures with the group
  • A member fee, approximately $1,500 for each September-June cycle.
  • Host one meeting per cycle, including refreshments and a light meal

Interested in joining a CEO PeerLink™ group? Please email John Hamilton.

Current list of CEO members

Jeff Baker, Image4
Branded environments
Manchester, Hillsborough County

Tim Dining, Sealite USA  
Aids to navigation
Nashua, Hillsborough County

Gerardine Ferlins, Cirtronics   
Contract manufacturer
Milford, Hillsborough County

Mark Godfrey, Felton
Engineered solutions manufacturer
Londonderry, NH, Rockingham County

Andy McMillan, Previously with Phillips/Teletrol Systems
Building automation systems
Manchester, Hillsborough County 

Nannu Nobis, Nobis Engineering
Engineering services
Concord, Merrimack County

Ric Pratte, AlignRevenue, Inc.
Sales Acceleration software
Bedford, Hillsborough County

Mike Rizzo, Previously with Schleuniger
Manchester, Hillsborough County

Nick Thickins, SyAM Software
Software for IT Administrators
Nashua, Hillsborough County

Doug Vincent, Design Mentor
Medical systems engineering
Pelham, Hillsborough County

Leo White, Alternative Logistics
Nashua, Hillsboro County