Business loans that help create jobs and strengthen communities

Jim Umland, owner of Johnson Precision.

The New Hampshire Community Loan Fund believes that good jobs are an essential element both of healthy families and of healthy communities. More than half of the private-sector workers in New Hampshire are self-employed or work for a small business.

We offer business loans, investments, and training to company owners who, for a variety of reasons, lack access to the capital they need to succeed.

Self-employment is important throughout New Hampshire, especially in rural areas. Workers can make a living as tradespeople, artists and service-providers whether or not they have college degrees. But their loan needs—for a computer, or to advertise their services—are usually too small to be profitable for lenders. Our business loans have helped them:

  • Increase sales to enable a larger draw
  • Turn a hobby into a primary source of income
  • Add and upgrade Web sites and marketing to reach new customers

Link to "Where do you get your funds" blog postMain Street New Hampshire also contains a stunning variety of small businesses, whose entrepreneurial owners bring products and services to towns and cities that would otherwise lack them. These businesses provide stable jobs, sometimes to generations of workers, and their owners are frequently community leaders. Some of these companies are also well-positioned to grow and create jobs.

Again, these businesses may be considered too small by traditional lenders, they may not have the strong profits or collateral most lenders require, or their owners may not want to hand decision-making power over to investors.

The Community Loan Fund's Business Finance team provides business loans and investments, and recommends customized training, to help these enterprises be resilient and adaptable to changing market conditions. The companies we lend to have:

  • Produced new jobs with career progression potential for workers with high school or community-college educations
  • Provided their employees with benefits that strengthen families
  • Supported the development of business leaders building sustainable businesses that bring stability and vitality to their communities
  • Increased their profitability and longevity by attracting, retaining and involving employees in teams, and by providing competitive compensation, promotion potential, profit-sharing and training