Ensuring quality child care and early education for working families

photo of children on swings

The New Hampshire Community Loan Fund’s Child Care Facilities program works to increase the number and the quality of child care and early education opportunities across New Hampshire.

We lend to centers and home-based providers to help them purchase, build, expand, renovate, or relocate their facilities.

We also believe that early care and education businesses that are well managed and financially stable are better able to provide reliable, high-quality care. So we offer a variety of trainings aimed at building business skills, decreasing costs and increasing revenue. And we work with them to seek other public and private funding.

The grant and technical support we received through the Child Care Energy Efficiency Program could not have come at a better time. In this difficult economy, we need to find savings everywhere we can in our operating budget, and reducing our heating costs is a very good place to start.

Amy Graham, Director
Lancaster Play and Learn Center
Lancaster, NH

Working parents with low and moderate incomes are hardest hit by the state’s lack of affordable, quality child care. Especially in rural areas, this lack is a serious barrier to families’ financial security and a headache for employers.

At the same time, early care and education providers operate with very tight financial margins – a challenging business model in the best of times. As a result, they sometimes have difficulty getting loans to buy buildings or to make improvements that would create more or better spaces for the children and families they serve.

To address this need, we have loaned more than $6 million to nonprofit centers and home-based family providers since 1995, creating or preserving more than 4,000 child care spaces.