IDA opens the door to an education

Mary Callahan used IDA savings to get a college degree

Do you dream of going to college, completing professional training or learning a trade?

An Individual Development Account (IDA) can help.

By matching every dollar you save toward your education (up to $500) with an additional $8, the New Hampshire IDA Program puts your dream within reach.

You can use your IDA savings, plus the match money you earn, to pay for tuition and fees at an approved school or program.

You do not have to be enrolled in a degree or certificate program to be eligible.

An education IDA can help you:

  • Cover some or all of the costs of attending school
  • Fill the gap between the cost of your education and what is available to you through financial aid or scholarships
  • Pay for classes if you won’t have federal financial aid
  • Reduce your student loans (funds cannot be used to make payments on existing student loans)

Are you ready to invest in your education? Contact an IDA Community Partner in your area today and start saving for your future!

Community Partners: Education IDAs

Concord Area
NH Catholic Charities

New Hampshire Technical Institute (NHTI)
(for NHTI students only)

Keene area
NH Catholic Charities
357-3093, ext. 13

Laconia area
NH Catholic Charities
528-3035, ext. 14

Lebanon area
NH Catholic Charities

Manchester area
Manchester Community College
(for Manchester Community College students only)

NH Catholic Charities
624-4717, ext. 12

Nashua area
The Front Door Agency

Rochester area
NH Catholic Charities

NH Catholic Charities

Seacoast area
Rockingham Community Action

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