IDA savings can put a home within reach

Brandy and Todd Moren hold their son, Vincent

Do you want to own a home, but need money for the down payment and closing costs?

An Individual Development Account (IDA) can help.

By matching every dollar you save (up to $500) toward your home with an additional $8, New Hampshire IDA puts your dream of homeownership within reach.

You can use your IDA savings, plus the match money you earn, to buy or develop a single-family home, condominium, home in a co-op, or pre-fabricated home (including manufactured housing).

To qualify as a first-time homebuyer, you—and, if married, your spouse—cannot have had an ownership interest in a primary residence for at least three years prior to the day you buy your new home.

A homeownership IDA can help you:

  • More quickly save the money you need to buy a home
  • Reduce your mortgage loan by providing a down payment
  • Increase your home price range by adding to your available financing

Are you ready to invest in homeownership?

Contact an IDA Community Partner in your area today and start saving for your future!

The Community Loan Fund also offers Welcome Home Loans for people interested in buying a manufactured home on land they own or in a resident-owned community.

Community Partners: Homeownership IDAs

Belknap County
Laconia Area Community Land Trust
(603) 525-0747

Concord-Nashua-Manchester areas
(866) 701-9097

North Grafton/Coos/Carroll Counties
Affordable Housing Education and Development (AHEAD)
(603) 444-1377

Seacoast area
Rockingham Community Action
(603) 431-2911

People with disabilities – statewide
Granite State Independent Living
(603) 224-1130

Section 8 participants—statewide
New Hampshire Housing – GOAL Program
(603) 310-9404

Contact the IDA support team