Our job: Help residents successfully buy and manage their communities

Residents of a manufactured-home community in Milan, N.H.

ROC-NH logoWhether you and your neighbors are just starting to think about trying to buy your manufactured-home (sometimes called mobile-home) park, or whether yours has been a resident-owned community, or ROC, for many years, ROC-NH™ exists to support you. We have more than 30 years’ experience working with ROCs.

We work ONLY for the homeowners and residents in manufactured-home communities. We do not work for investor or family owners. We do not work for outside buyers.

When your park is for sale

When we’re notified that a park is for sale, we will:

  • Meet with residents to inform them about their options.
  • Help them form a cooperative.
  • Assist them in engaging professionals who will help them make informed decisions.
  • Facilitate discussions with the park owner(s).
  • Identify financing options for the purchase.

See Your park is for sale to learn more.

When your cooperative already owns your park

Our work doesn’t end when you buy your community. In many important ways, it’s just beginning. We can:

  • Conduct a “Boot Camp” to train your board of directors and committees on how to democratically manage your community.
  • Build strong boards and engaged members through our Community Leadership training, management guide, and consulting services.
  • Connect your members with others around the state on our private ROC-NH Facebook page.
  • Connect your leaders and members with communities around the country and provide cost-saving options through the online MyROCUSA community center.
  • Provide Welcome Home Loans, which are real, fixed-rate financing for home purchase, equity or replacement.

Infrastructure repair or replacement

Every ROC, at some stage of its life, needs to repair or replace faulty water, wastewater or electrical systems, or the roads, drains, and culverts that provide safe passage for residents and guests. So perhaps the most-important guidance we can deliver is how to maintain your ROC’s infrastructure and plan for capital improvements. We can:

  • Help you create a Capital Improvement Plan, which prepares for projects that might be five, 10, and 20+ years away.
  • Provide planning, technical assistance, and loans for repairs or improvements.
  • Help you identify funding sources for projects.

We also advocate with other lenders and government agencies to increase the resources available to ROCs

ROC-NH™ is a program of the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund, Inc. and a ROC USA® Certified Technical Assistance Provider.ROC-NH is a registered service mark of ROC USA, LLC. Equal Housing Lender.