Doing business with co-ops

ROC-NH logoEach resident-owned community is a consumers’ cooperative incorporated in New Hampshire. Its board of directors is responsible for its day-to-day operations.

Patience is a requirement for doing business with resident-owned communities. Directors typically meet only once a month, and bylaws usually require membership approval for large unbudgeted expenditures. Many co-op boards also have a bid process for non-emergency work, to ensure that goods and services are obtained at reasonable costs.

In order to do business with a co-op, be prepared to submit a certificate of insurance and an IRS Form W-9 before starting the job. You also may be asked for references.

When working within a co-op’s property, you may encounter members who have questions or concerns about your work. Let those members know that you have been contracted by their board of directors, and encourage them to contact the board with those questions or concerns. Contact the board if members hinder your work.

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