What is a cooperative?

ROC-NH logoUnder the ROC-NH™ and ROC USA® model, a manufactured-home cooperative is a corporation made up of homeowners who own and operate their park on a not-for-profit basis. Each home is individually owned, but the land under the homes is owned by the cooperative.

These cooperatives, which we call resident-owned communities (ROCs) are democratically managed: Each household gets one vote, and members elect a board of directors to conduct the day-to-day business.

Characteristics of these cooperatives include:

1. Group ownership

  • The co-op owns the land in the community.
  • Residents who join the co-op own equal percentages of the corporation.
  • Homes remain individually owned.

2. Democratic decision-making

  • Each member household has one vote.
  • All decisions are made by majority vote.
  • Members elect the board of directors, who make the day-to-day decisions.
  • No one person can control the co-op.

3. Open membership

  • Residents can join the co-op at any time by paying the membership fee.
  • Each homeowner has a lifetime lease on their lot, as long as they pay their rent and follow the community rules.
  • Residents who do not join the co-op pay a non-member rent, which is typically higher than a member’s rate, and set in the community rules. They do not have a vote.

4. Limited equity

  • Members pay a fixed, one-time, fee that is refunded when they leave the park.
  • Membership fees earn no interest.

5. Participation

  • Volunteerism on boards, committees, etc. is key to a successful community.
  • Each co-op develops its own rules and policies.

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