Success stories

For 41 years, the Kingston Children’s Center has welcomed young children of working families, regardless of children’s abilities and families’ income and non-traditional schedules. A timely loan helped keep the center warm and affordable.
Abigail Easterly and Scott Silberfeld felt a huge disconnect between their deeply held values and the behavior of the corporations where their money was invested. It wasn’t a comfortable feeling. Then they found the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund.
The New Hampshire Community Loan Fund's Business Finance team made three equipment loans to Tuckerman Brewery, enabling the company to move, expand, and double its full-time workforce.
A life-threatening disease made Lois Parris dig deep for strength she didn't know she had. A community-threatening event turned her into a leader. Today, she's "a relentless worker and advocate for the cause” of resident-owned communities.
Paul Bradley has helped manufactured-home parks convert to resident-owned communities (ROCs) for more than two decades. Some of his favorite memories are of groups of residents who saw and made the most of their opportunity to become independent and self-sufficient.
Denise Stone and her family downsized, then re-created an old-time neighborhood feeling in her resident-owned community in Barrington, NH. They're not the only ones. Resident-owned communities have become a way to recreate neighborhood camaraderie.
Three of New Hampshire’s resident-owned communities found a way to pass their opportunities down to the next generation of co-ops, while at the same time growing their reserve accounts.
Residents have successfully pushed for fairer treatment under state law of manufactured-homes and resident-owned communities, and for real mortgages for manufactured homes.
Members of New Hampshire’s manufactured-housing cooperatives lead a national movement. The ripples that begin with ideas and solutions created in resident-owned communities (ROCs) here are spread across the country by ROC USA.
New Hampshire celebrated its 100th resident-owned manufactured-home community in 2012. We asked residents to predict what the next 100 might bring. Their answers: a national network, buying and political power, conventional mortgage loans, and preferred vendor lists.