Success stories

Nicole Johnson had rebuilt her life. She had kicked addiction, rented an apartment, and was rebuilding her relationship with her children. All that stood between her and the next step was a reliable car. The IDA matched-savings program helped her earn the car, and some peace of mind.
A few years ago, when an underground electrical line needed repair, Marge Andrews did what the operations manager of a manufactured-home community has to do. She grabbed a shovel, plus a handful of her neighbors, and dug four-foot-deep trenches. Of course, she was a lot younger then—75.
One moment in April, 2011 turned Sara Cloutier’s and Carlos Roman Gonzalez’s lives upside down.
The Winchester Learning Center's story is the story of child care in small-town America.A group of parents and community leaders decides to create quality, affordable child care locally. A church offers space. Walk-a-thons, bake sales and community appeals rally support and money.
In 2001, several of New Hampshire’s largest banks failed. One October morning, customers across the state were stunned to arrive at their banks and find the doors locked.
What Linda and John Brown remember most about the day they moved into Pines Mobile Home Park in Newport, NH was the rumor: The neighboring business, Sturm, Ruger and Co., was going to buy the park and close it.
You could say it was the weather that drove Brandy and Todd Moren out of their Colebrook apartment.The upstairs shower rained into the living room of the windowless basement apartment. Snow blew in under the door. It was an intolerable home for young parents with a baby.
When Jim Umland wanted to merge his company with a larger competitor, he turned to the Community Loan Fund's business investment program, Vested for Growth, to fill the gap. The resulting royalty deal attracted investors who had previously turned him down..
“When she walked in the door, the room lit up.” After 43 years of marriage, Ziggy and Pat Zeveckas own a home.
There's nothing like a roomful of toddlers for floor-level action.