Working for economic opportunity

Keith Lynch of Berlin

The New Hampshire Community Loan Fund uses policy tools – legislation, research and advocacy – to ensure that laws and policies encourage economic opportunity for low- and moderate-income people in New Hampshire.

Our policy work focuses on the problems faced by the people the Community Loan Fund works with every day. We collaborate with many organizations across New Hampshire and nationally to address challenges that families of modest means cannot overcome by themselves. We also teach the communities we serve how to advocate effectively for their own interests.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we cannot and do not participate in any partisan political activity of any kind.

We concentrate on those areas in which our staff and board members possess deep knowledge, as well as issues that affect our ability – and those of our partners – to serve families and communities.

In selecting the issues we will address, we seek:

  • To have the greatest impact on the greatest number of people;
  • To take maximum advantage of our credibility and expertise, especially in financial matters; and
  • To pursue outcomes that are achievable with the resources available to us.

Very rarely, our policy team works on an issue that isn’t directly related to any of our lending or educational programs, but that we believe is fundamental to the economic well-being of people with low incomes or economically stressed communities. Even in those cases, we get involved only when the issue could significantly affect our ability to fulfill our mission.

Issues in which we are currently involved include:

  • keeping predatory “payday” lending out of New Hampshire;
  • reducing barriers to affordable housing; and
  • ensuring that owners of manufactured housing receive equal treatment in mortgage financing and taxation.