Sometimes, loans and education aren’t enough

The New Hampshire Community Loan Fund uses loans and education to create opportunity and help people transform their own lives – by starting businesses, buying homes, going to college.

But sometimes, loans and education aren’t enough.

In the mid-1980s, we learned that people in manufactured housing parks were losing their homes because owners were selling their parks without even telling the residents. So, with New Hampshire Legal Assistance and other partners, we urged the state legislature to pass a law that guaranteed residents at least 60 days notice before their park could be sold. That notice gives residents time to work together and buy their parks.

That single law has made it possible for manufactured housing park residents in New Hampshire to buy more than 100 parks. It has given thousands of families the security of knowing that they control the land beneath their homes.

When laws, regulations and prejudice work against people and communities of modest means, we work to level the economic playing field.

We use the power of example and the power of persuasion to pry open the doors of financial systems for people who have never set foot inside.

We invite you to help us make a difference.