Invest in real people, earn real returns

Jane and Peter McLaughlin of Lyme, N.H. invest in the NH Community Loan Fund

Opportunity NH Investment logoOpportunity NH Investments in the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund are stable, pay interest to the investor and create opportunity many times over in New Hampshire’s communities.

Here’s how it works: The money that people and institutions invest in us, combined with our own capital, create the pool of funds from which we lend to create opportunity for affordable housing, child care and jobs for families with low and moderate incomes.

Our borrowers are people and nonprofit organizations that won’t qualify for a bank loan that meets their needs, but that are responsible and motivated to achieve their goals, including repayment. We connect them with the specialized education, training and support they need to succeed.

Along with the satisfaction of knowing that your Opportunity NH Investment is helping people in your community, you also earn fixed-rate interest. Investors choose a simple annual interest rate:

1 to 10+
1 or 2 years3 or 4 years5 to 10
0%Up to 1%Up to 2%Up to 3%

* Rates for new investments or renewals are subject to change.

Associated risks include:

  • Opportunity NH Investments are unsecured.
  • Opportunity NH Investments are not insured by the FDIC, nor by any governmental or private entity.
  • While the Community Loan Fund has not lost any investor's funds, past performance is no guarantee of future performance.
  • Opportunity NH Investments cannot be redeemed before their due date and there is no known secondary market in which to sell or trade them before maturity.

We accept investments from residents and corporations in 46 states. See page 4 of our offering circular for details.

Interest paid is reported to the IRS and will be taxed by federal and some state governments.

We have a spotless record of 100% repayment to our investors since our founding in 1983. We take great care to maintain reserves to protect investors’ money.

Easy to invest

It’s easy to make an Opportunity NH Investment. Please review our offering circular, which includes important information about the Community Loan Fund, and about the risk factors associated with making an Opportunity NH Investment, then download our investment application and agreement.

To discuss further how you can invest in the Community Loan Fund, or if you have questions, please contact our Director of Investor Relations, Ken Kunhardt, at or at (603) 224-6669, ext. 716.

Near the end of your investment’s term, we will contact you with the opportunity to be repaid or to reinvest with the Community Loan Fund. If you choose to reinvest, you will again select your term and interest rate.

An investment in the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund does not constitute an offer to sell, or a solicitation of offers to purchase, debt securities in those states where the registration of such debt securities is required by state securities law. Please consult our offering circular for details.

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