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A report from UNH’s Carsey School of Public Policy cites Vested for Growth as broadening the financing options available for community-based businesses in N.H. more»
Community Loan Fund praised for its "creative solutions to complex problems facing women and girls in New Hampshire.” more»
Merrimack County Savings Bank and Meredith Village Savings Bank have donated $100,000 to the Community Loan Fund for affordable housing. more»
The New Hampshire Community Loan Fund was presented with the New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits’ 2017 Nonprofit Impact Award for its “significant impact leveraging resources that have enabled traditionally underserved people to participate more... more»
A grant from Farm Credit East enables the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund to help more small farms and commercial fishing businesses strengthen their business practices. more»
Economist and author Michael H. Shuman mentions the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund as one of the places where investors can have local impact. more»
In just 10 days, the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund helped residents of a Milan manufactured-home (mobile home) park save 18 homes. more»
Read New Hampshire Business Review's profile of Julie Eades. more»
Juliana Eades, who has created opportunities for disadvantaged people in New Hampshire for the past three decades, this week received the fifth annual Ned Gramlich Award for Responsible Finance. more»
It took six years and too many disappointments, meetings, studies and applications to count, but the members of Deanbrook Village Cooperative in Northumberland can finally take a deep breath.Their community is going to survive. more»