Our Team

Ken Kunhardt's picture
Director of Investor Relations
Tyler Labrie's picture
Housing Cooperative Specialist
Mortgage Loan Administrator
Pamela J.  MacDonald's picture
Mortgage Loan Originator NMLS #1385324
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Vice President of External Relations
Elaine Mondor's picture
Administrative Assistant
Chris Monroe's picture
Housing Cooperative Specialist, ROC-NH
Vested for Growth Investor
Business Lender
Zachary Palmer's picture
Housing Cooperative Specialist, ROC-NH
Kathi Paradis's picture
Underwriter NMLS #469310
Heather Ralphs's picture
Operations Administrator
Tara Reardon's picture
Director, ROC-NH
Community Housing Lender
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Chief Financial Officer
Betsy  Segal's picture
Business Builder Senior Lender
Liz Short's picture
Director, Business Finance
Gail Smith's picture
Mortgage Loan Administrator
Mathew Solso's picture
Director of Philanthropy
Melanie Steenbeke's picture
Lending Administrator