Our Team

John Hancock's picture
Program Coordinator, ROC-NH
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Director of Single Family Housing NMLS #395262
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Director of Investor Relations
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Housing Cooperative Specialist
Mortgage Loan Administrator
Pamela J.  MacDonald's picture
Mortgage Loan Originator NMLS #1385324
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Vice President of External Relations
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Administrative Assistant
Chris Monroe's picture
Housing Cooperative Specialist, ROC-NH
Vested for Growth Investor
Business Lender
Zachary Palmer's picture
Housing Cooperative Specialist, ROC-NH
Kathi Paradis's picture
Underwriter NMLS #469310
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Operations Administrator
Tara Reardon's picture
Director, ROC-NH
Community Housing Lender
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Chief Financial Officer
Betsy  Segal's picture
Business Builder Senior Lender
Liz Short's picture
Director, Business Finance
Gail Smith's picture
Mortgage Loan Administrator