What's happening at the 2016 Co-ops Celebrating Community event for New England resident owned communities and manufactured housing parks.
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ROC-NH's Community Leadership training, its largest ever, is off to a great start
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Homemade cleaners are less expensive, use ingredients you have at home, clean just as well, and are less toxic. Here are some recipes.
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A stable board of directors can help keep a manufactured-home community running smoothly and harmoniously.
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Two important steps in keeping your manufactured home warm in winter: Fix the home's belly and ducts.
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Why is member participation in resident-owned communities such a problem? And what can be done about it?
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Respected voice and advocate for low-income families promotes manufactured housing as smart, affordable housing solution.
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Lakes Region Mobile Home Village needed a better way to reach its 100 households with urgent messages.
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Business owners considering a interim CFO should think about culture, characteristics and collaboration.
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Four New Hampshire ROCs showed a class from UNH why their movement is here to stay.
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