A new manufactured (mobile) home was the affordable housing choice for Diana and John Freniere.
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Amid our complaints about the snow and cold, we're thankful to have homes.
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Curt Hiebert grew affordable housing in Keene, balancing federal requirements with dignified...
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Did you know that we helped provide drinking water for a community that didn’t have it before?
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Ask tough questions and enlist partners before you invest in a local business.
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In 30 states, child care costs more than tuition and fees at their four-year state colleges.
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Winter is a great time to establish or invigorate your ROC's social committee.
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Institutions represents a significant and largely untapped market for farmers and food producers
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Even owners of older manufactured homes can keep more heating dollars in their pockets.
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Avoid the holiday spending hangover with a few simple tricks.
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