Business IDA FAQ

Q: I am currently a business IDA saver. Will I be able to continue to save and withdraw funds as I have in the past?

Yes. You may continue to save and withdraw funds to use in your business as you have in the past. The rules remain the same.

Q: I have always received my training through MicroCredit-NH. How will I meet my training requirements in the future?

The IDA team will work with you to choose financial-fitness and business-training providers. You may choose the ones whose training best meets your needs.

Q: I have always worked with a MicroCredit-NH Regional Manager. Who will help me with my IDA questions in the future?

All MicroCredit-NH business IDA savers will work with someone from the Community Loan Fund's IDA team.

Q: In the past, I had to belong to a group to participate in the IDA. Is that still true?

No. Any sole proprietor or small-business owner who meets the IDA's federal income eligibility requirements may apply for a business IDA.

Q: I’ve heard about the business IDA program and would like more information. Who do I contact?

For more information about business IDAs, please contact Marcy Meyer by email or at 224-6669, ext. 222.