Success stories

She was the strong one. Laurie Goguen was the protective older sister. The perfect mother, homemaker, and career woman. “I was on a mission,” she says. “Perfectionism something fierce.” On the... more»
April Levin wanted some life insurance. Not the kind that cashed out after she died. The kind that improved her life and those of her sons while she was still very much alive. April Levin and her... more»
Jane McLaughlin and her husband, Peter, first invested in the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund in 2009. You might say it was a dollars-and sense decision. “It made sense,” says Jane. “It wasn’t... more»
New Hampshire is one of the hardest states in which to make a living farming. Just 27% of N.H. farm operators report making a profit; the national average is 46%. But that may be changing, driven... more»
“I liked the way it felt when I walked in the door.” Donna Meuse, a full-time working mom, needed child care for her 6-week-old daughter, Jessica. Immediately, the Kingston Children’s Center felt... more»
How tenuous is the business of child care? “ ‘This might be the last year.’ … Every year, that was the first thing we’d say at the first board meeting,” says Lyn Schmucker, director of the Sunnybrook... more»
A lot of people want to maximize their financial returns from their retirement investments. Abigail Easterly and Scott Silberfeld want to maximize their happiness. A few years ago the Manchester... more»
Chris Sullivan needed a new start. His once-stable maintenance job was cut from full time to about 30 hours a week. A long-term relationship was ending. At age 36, the lifelong Mount Washington... more»
It was called “monumental,” “pioneering,” and “the most important affordable housing project in New England.” Twin Pines executive director Andrew Winter says the Community Loan Fund was... more»
“Go figure it out.” Machine shops create mounds of metal shavings and odd-sized ends of rods, all literally dripping cutting fluids. They consider it waste. Woody Bigos of Simple Life Recycling... more»