Loans and education to create a strong local food system

Brad Sterl at Rustic Crust in Pittsfield, N.H.

Do you want to grow your farm/food business, or increase your profits?

Our Farm Food Initiative has a proven record of helping businesses do just that. We work with farms, fisheries and foresters as well as with food producers, distributors, aggregators, restaurants and institutions such as hospitals.

Inquire about financing now buttonYou might need new equipment, or raw product, to meet a surge in demand or seasonal demand. We get that. We’ll shape our small business loans to your needs.

Sometimes a loan is just one piece of the puzzle. We can connect you to resources that help with all aspects of running a business, and to professionals who will customize solutions that accelerate your growth plan. Our business education is customized and tailored to meet your needs, whether it is an advisory board, one-on-one consulting, or other means of education. 

Find out what other New Hampshire business owners say about how our small business loans and referrals have helped them achieve their goals:

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