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THIS FALL: Choose between workshops in Concord and Lancaster

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What is the Community Leadership series?

  • A series of training workshops that combines education, networking, and practical application.
  • A down-to-earth approach to skill-building that gives co-op members the tools and strategies they need to be successful leaders in their communities, and beyond.
  • An opportunity to gather ideas from co-op members from across the state and to identify areas for collaboration and coordinated action.
  • Lots and lots of fun!

Graduates said:

"This class was challenging, interesting, motivating, and fun!"

"I plan to use the action/workplan both personally and for the co-op."

"The atmosphere was very upbeat and the feeling in the air was electric! It kept me very alert and wanting to learn more."

"Trust me, it's well worth your time. You're not alone with issues you are having in your community."

Who are “community leaders”?

Community leaders are the engines of thriving resident-owned communities.

We believe every community member is, has been, or could be, a community leader: volunteers, committee chairs, elected directors, and members who are willing to step up when needed. Leadership roles are as varied as the tasks that need to be done.

Every co-op member has experience and knowledge that could be helpful to others struggling with the same, or similar, challenges.

Who is eligible?

Anyone living in a N.H. resident-owned community is eligible. Participants are NOT required to hold a board position in their communities. Each class contains up to 25 participants.

How does the training series work?

The workshop series is free and open to all members of NH’s resident-owned communities. The Community Loan Fund will provide lunch and reimburse participants for their travel.

This fall, ROC residents can choose between trainings in Lancaster and Concord.

Lancaster: The seven monthly ROC Specialist workshops are from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. beginning Saturday, Sept. 28 at the Lancaster Town Hall, 25 Main St., Lancaster, NH. Workshops continue one Saturday each month through March. Download an information sheet and application. Application deadline is Sept. 7.

Concord: The seven monthly Community Leadership workshops are from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. beginning Saturday, Oct. 5 at the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund in Concord, N.H. Workshops continue one Saturday each month through April. Download an information sheet and application. Application deadline is Sept. 2.

What skills will I learn?

Basic training
It’s difficult to be an effective co-op leader if you don’t know the “basics” of co-op management. Learn about corporate governance, board and member roles and responsibilities, and sound financial management practices.

Building a team
Take away real-time experiences in team building.

What is a “leader”?
Is “leadership” a quality or a set of skills? We will ask and answer these questions. Explore your own leadership skills and how to put them to use in your co-op, work, and home lives.

Seeking maximum involvement
Everybody says motivating members is the hardest part of cooperative living. Learn tried and true community-building tools that will increase member involvement.

Effective communications
Learn about communicate styles and how to listen actively, ask good questions, and give good feedback. Acquire skills that will help you be effective in both group and one-on-one communications.

Conflict resolution
Learn strategies for intervening in and resolving conflict.

Planning is power
Planning is taking things into your own hands. Learn how to set goals, make a plan and carry it out.

How do I apply?

You can download (links above) and mail your application to us, or apply online right now.

College credit available

The New Hampshire Community Loan Fund and Granite State College have created a unique partnership that gives Community Leadership graduates four college credits from Granite State College. A fee will be charged when graduates wish to convert their leadership completion certificates to college credits. Credit may or may not be transferable to other institutions.

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